Things You Should NEVER Pack For College

Things you should never pack for college

Dorm rooms are small, and it’s easy to overpack. The truth is, there are so many things to keep track of before moving on-campus. However, there are a few things that you should NEVER pack for college. 

What are the essentials that you need for the school year? Let’s save you a little space and stress with this list of things you should never pack for college. 

DON’T pack valuables.

It’s tempting to take your most prized possessions with you to college. Who could blame you for wanting them with you? However, you don’t want the thing closest to your heart getting broken or stolen.

If you bring a small valuable to college, think of safe places you could keep it like a small lock box. Unfortunately, you can’t always trust roommates and visitors to protect the items you care about. If you need to, you can leave your most pricey items back home with your parents for safe keeping. 

DON’T pack hobbies. 

Some people have a wide range of hobbies. Once you’re on your own, you’ll have so much extra time to work on them, right?! Wrong. College can feel like a carnival of to-do’s that will take up more time than you may expect. 

You’ll likely find the items you packed for all your extra activities will just take up much-needed space. Only pack for the hobby that you can’t live without. Remember- when it comes to packing, less is more!

DON’T pack prohibited items.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is amazing how many students have things confiscated during the semester. Check the list your school sends you of things not to pack to avoid the hassle of getting caught later.

DON’T pack appliances.

Most universities don’t allow you to use appliances such as hot plates and toasters since they’re a fire hazard. The thing is, you probably won’t end up using these items anyways. Avoid packing appliances so you don’t lose money if they get confiscated. 

DON’T pack weights.

Lots of college students make this mistake in an attempt to stay physically fit. The truth is, there are almost always gyms around. There aren’t many places for weights other than the floor, so save yourself the space. It’s also a major inconvenience to carry around these weights on move-in day. 

DON’T bring animals.

Having any animal is a time commitment you have to be aware of. You usually can’t have anything but a fish anyway. Animals can create a mess that you would have to pay for later anyways, a whole added expense on top of your schooling. The cost might not be worth it on a tight college budget.

DON’T pack too many dishes.

Packing and storing becomes much harder when you have too many glass items or silverware. They are easy to break and don’t pack efficiently. If you’re trying to save space, pick one of each item and wash them after each use.

DON’T pack your whole wardrobe.

If there’s one thing that clutters your room the most, it’s clothes. Not only are clothes a pain to move, but a lot of them will remain unused during the school year. Take some time to think through what you’ll wear every day at school. You’ll likely be sharing closet space, so you only want to pack what you really need!

DON’T bring a closed mind.

You are probably sharing a small space with someone you’ve never met. The most valuable thing in your dorm room is your peace of mind. Don’t bring a closed mind to this new stage of life. Being adaptable and open to change is how you can keep your peace while you’re in school.