Should You Buy A Car With A Salvage Title?


Cars that have salvage titles have had something happen to damage the vehicle to the extent of it being totaled.  Many of these vehicles were victim to mass water damage, such as Hurricane Harvey, in which over 1 million vehicles were damaged. Some sellers will do what is called title washing, or taking a damaged car and fixing it up.  The vehicle’s title might be altered either by forged or altered by legal loopholes buy moving states.  Be very wary of any vehicle that has a salvage title.  They will be much more inexpensive and you will not be able to get a conventional loan for them.  Also, if you ever try to sell the vehicle, it will be much more difficult, as it has a salvage title status.  Here are some things to check for before even considering purchasing.

  • Check the vehicle identification number.
  • Thoroughly inspect the interior of the car.
  • See if moisture is stuck in the lights.
  • Investigate wiring.
  • Look for rust under vehicle.