5 Things to Consider When Buying A Car


Purchasing a new or used car can be exciting, but it also can be overwhelming to evaluate the many choices that are involved with process.

  1. Depreciation. This is hugely important.  If the vehicle you buy retains its value better than others, it will be a much better investment.
  2. Negotiate the price and not the payment.
  3. Cost of Insurance.  Sports cars can be a killer here.  Make sure you know how much it costs to insure the vehicles that you are looking at.
  4. Buy or Lease. Leases can be great business write-offs and the payments are usually lower, however, when the lease is up, you won’t have a car and there are usually mileage restrictions.
  5. New or Used.  Used cars are much more affordable up front, but require more maintenance and can have some hidden problems