Apps That Help You Save Money On Gas

Save money on gas

The average person drives approximately 35 miles every single day. We spend hours of our lives on the road and driving that much really adds up. Gas prices are continually increasing and inflation is wreaking havoc on the wallets of every American. Finding ways to save money on gas is a MUST.

If you find yourself cringing at the price of the gas pump, there’s still hope! There are apps that find ways to save money on gas so you don’t have to break the bank.

Check out these apps next time you need to fill up your tank!

Gas Guru

There’s nothing more frustration than filling up your tank, only to find that gas was $0.10 cheaper at another spot down the street. Gas Guru gives you access to the cheapest gas prices in your area, as well as exclusive deals that help you save big.

Gas Guru is a must-have for your next major road-trip. You can map out your trip in the most fuel-efficient way possible without having to do all the logistical planning yourself. They make finding ways to save money on gas a piece of cake!

Fuel Rewards

You may frequent a particular gas station that’s close to your house. Oftentimes, those gas stations have fuel rewards that give you discounts for loyalty to their store. Find the app for your favorite gas station and see what they’re offering!

Some of these gas stations even pair with a local chain grocery store. When you buy your weekly groceries from that store, you get fuel points for every dollar you spend. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

You can have rewards to multiple gas stations so that you can save money anywhere go you. As your points accumulate over time, you’ll find yourself relieved at how much you’re saving in the long run.

Sam’s Club/Costco

Memberships to stores like Sam’s Club or Costco are crucial when you have a tight budget. Not only will you be able to save on your weekly groceries and favorite food items, but your gas will be significantly discounted every time you visit.

Both stores have an app that gives you mobile access to significantly cheaper prices. There’s often a bit of a wait to get to the pump since the deals on gas is unbeatable. But considering how much you save over time, it’s well worth the wait!

It’s Time To Save!

There’s a way around paying full-price for your regular fill-up. With these apps, you can keep more money in your pocket while still getting everywhere you need to go!