Mistakes You’re Making When Decorating For Fall

Decorating for fall

The fall season is full of warm, cozy decor. The moment the chill autumn air hits, people everywhere start to fill their homes with pumpkins and seasonal scents. Even though a lot of people enjoy decorating for fall, there are a few mistakes they tend to make in the process.

Interior designers have been sharing the secrets of a classy fall look that would elevate any home. This is what you might be doing wrong when you’re accenting your home with fall decor.

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to look completely literal. Many people favor pillows with seasonal words and pumpkin-printed patterns. However, there’s a way to make a statement that says “it’s fall” without having a pillow that literally says “it’s fall y’all.”

DON’T: Literal Themes

Words, hand towels, doormats, and rugs with fall-related wording on them tend to be a little too on the nose. These decorations age quickly and are considered tacky by most interior designers.

The same goes for prints that contain autumn leaves, pumpkins, apples, ghosts, scarecrows, and other obvious markers of the season. These prints all point to a literal theme that’s often overused.

DO: Implied Decor

Instead, try incorporating items that imply the season. Instead of a pumpkin-clad throw pillow, try out a flannel-textured pillow with fall colors. Cozy textured blankets can also indicate the change of the season.

Having a consistent fall color palate is the best way to create a festive space. If your furniture is neutral, you can swap out these seasonal accents as you see fit. You can add elements within the color palate that invite the feeling of autumnal nostalgia.

Setting the ambiance in subtle ways not only elevates your space, but lets you really embrace the fall season. Decorating for fall can be classy, cozy, and truly elegant!