Hacks To Make More Money With Uber

Make more money

As things get more and more expensive, you’re spending more time looking for ways to make more money. Why not look into being an Uber driver? 

Being an Uber driver is super flexible, so it works well for any schedule. Plus, it turns out you can make great money too! 

It’s time for you to get started making good money. Here are some of the reasons that Uber might be a great fit for you.

Benefits of Being an Uber Driver


Flexibility is arguably the best aspect of being an Uber driver. You can work as few or as many hours as you want and need. It can’t get much better than that!

You can drive when you have time, no matter what time of day it is. This is a great opportunity for parents, students, or just generally busy people. 

Worker Discounts

Another great aspect is the discount you get as an Uber worker. You will get a whopping 17% discount on Uber orders as a worker. 

Keep in mind, this discount isn’t just for car rides. Uber offers a wide variety of services. That’s a lot of money to save!

What can you do with Uber?

There are many different services and companies that Uber offers, so don’t stress if driving people around isn’t your thing. Here are some of the services that Uber offers so that you can pick what’s best for you.

Uber Services

Uber specifically has a ton of services that they offer for the convenience of their customers. As a worker, you have plenty of options to choose from!

Uber offers a variety of ride-share options that includes various kinds of vehicles, bikes, scooters, and even planes. On top of that, Uber Eats is a huge hit in the food delivery business. 

Uber-Owned Companies

Uber owns a lot of companies that you would’ve probably never guessed they are associated with. If driving for Uber directly isn’t your style, there are some other companies under their umbrella you can join.

Postmates and Drizzly are very similar to Uber Eats. Just like Uber Eats, Postmates lets you deliver food for money. However, unlike Uber Eats, you can deliver much more than just food. 

With Postmates, you can deliver food, drinks, and a variety of other goods. Drizzly, on the other hand, is solely for alcoholic drinks.

Uber also owns plenty of delivery services that are outside of the U.S. Careem and Cornershop are food delivery services based in various countries around the world.

Best Hours to Work

When it comes to jobs like ride-sharing and food delivery, it’s your job to determine what schedule works for you. You are now your own boss, so how are you going to make the most out of your work?

Scheduling your driving times properly is one of the most important aspects of getting the most out of your work. 

Find the driving surge.

There’s a word in the Uber community that gets all the drivers excited: Surge. A “surge” is when there are too many requests and not enough drivers. This need for workers causes an up in the charge, allowing the workers to be paid more.

It can even multiply into double digits if the needs are high enough! Here’s a guide on finding that surge so that you can get the most money for your work.

Hacks to Make More Money 

There are tons of hacks to keep in practice as you drive share or deliver. Keep these in mind and watch your paychecks go up!

Refer your friends.

An easy way to make more money is by referring your friends to Uber as potential new drivers. Share your referral code with as many people as possible so that you can get those extra bucks! 

Find the right times to drive.

A big hack to keep in mind is to find the busiest times every time you hop in your car to start working. Rumor has it that Monday and Friday mornings are some of the best times to drive for Uber. 

You know your city best. Choose a time to drive when you know people will need it. If you live in a big city, a weekend night might be the best time because of all the nightlife traffic. Not only will you get more ride orders, but you’ll also get better prices because of the surge!

If you’re looking into Uber Eats instead of ride-share driving, try to pick up multiple orders around lunchtime or dinnertime. The surge during mealtimes will get you a lot more cash.

Find the right areas to drive. 

Another equally important factor is to discover the best areas in your city to drive to get more money. Typically this is an airport, mall, or any place with a lot of foot traffic. But again, you know your city best, so choose areas that you know are popular where you’re at!

Pick your battles.

You’re gonna get tons of offers for different orders and pickups. Choose the orders that would be the most efficient for your route so you can get the most out of your trips. 

Research your area.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Uber driving and delivery is to research your area. Data in your area can boost your time efficiency, money, and even ratings.

How to Keep High Ratings

The basics for keeping your ratings high are probably pretty obvious. Keep your car clean, make sure everything smells good, and be polite to your customers.

Other ways to keep high ratings are by standing out from the crowd of Uber drivers. You could provide snacks, drinks, or a decorate with a fun theme inside your car. Or if you’re delivering food, try leaving a kind note with the customer’s order.

Go get that cash!

If you practice these hacks when you Uber, you could far surpass how much you could make at the typical office job. This is a fantastic way to make more money efficiently and effectively.