How Car Dashboards Are Made

Car dashboards

The dashboard is a big part of your driving experience! It tells us all we need to know, allows us control of the vehicle, and houses airbags for our safety. How are these car dashboards made so convenient?

This is how car dashboards are made to come together in a seamless, eye-appealing package. 

The Frame

If you think about it, the dashboard is all we see as drivers–other than the road, of course. A well-designed command center is crucial to the experience. Designers cleverly place compartments and “stations” in the dashboard for easy usage.

A special adhesive holds the frame together, with welding as secondary support. With the frame in place, manufacturers get ready to continue the process. 


The real magic happens behind the outer casing. Each compartment is fastened from the back, allowing for a minimalistic no-screw look. 

Most modern accessories of a dashboard are digital and need wiring. Manufacturers bundle the wires together and attach them to the frame. Once the wires are there, the rest of the dashboard is ready for installment. 


The substructure makes room for the installation of other parts of the car. This includes air passages for the heating and cooling system. The air passages drill into the frame from the back.


The layout of the dash is starting to come together. Now for the accessories! Manufacturers fasten each module to the substructure and connect them to the wiring. These include the driver’s main display, center controls, speakers, airbag, and steering wheel. 

Finishing Touches

Manufacturers apply the outer casing in the material of their choice. After that, they test the technology of each part of the dashboard until it’s perfect. 

This the creation process of a seamless dash. Watch the video below if you want to see one installed in a luxury vehicle.