10 Ways To Make Back-To-School Season Easier

Back-to-school season

Back-to-school season can feel like such a hassle: the teacher supply lists, lunches, bedtimes, and a new schedule. The sweet slow hum of summer has ended, and it’s time to get back to school.

There’s a way to make this transition easy. However, here are ten ways to make the back-to-school season a little bit easier.

1. Get organized

The night before school, I have your child lay out clothes and pack their backpack with everything that is needed. This will help you avoid last-minute scrambling in the morning. Get into the habit of doing this every day.

2. Set a routine

Wake up at the same time each day and go to bed at a reasonable hour so you’re well-rested for school. Start this bedtime a good week in advance before school begins.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

Start your day off right with a nutritious meal to fuel your brain and body. Get up earlier enough to spend time eating.

4. Get moving

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and improve focus. Take a brisk walk or run before school, or try some yoga or stretching in the morning. Incorporate your child into this to start their day off right.

5. Make time for yourself

Amidst the hustle and bustle of school, don’t forget to schedule in some “me time.” Whether it’s reading your favorite book, taking a relaxing bath, or going for a walk outdoors- do something fun!

6. Be prepared

Before big tests or presentations, make sure your child has reviewed the content. This will help their confidence and make them feel more comfortable when it’s time to perform.

7. Connect with friends

Spending time with supportive friends can help reduce stress and make back to school more enjoyable. Make plans to hang out with your friends and even their kids on weekends or after school.

8. Take breaks

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by work, the kids school, and house chores step away for a few minutes. A short break will help you recharge and come back to your work refreshed.

9. Seek help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Whether it’s getting clarification from a teacher on an assignment or seeking out a tutor for extra assistance for your child, asking for help shows that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

10. Be positive

When challenges arise, maintain a positive outlook. Remember that every setback is an opportunity to learn and grow. Approaching life with optimism will make the ups and downs of school (and life) more bearable.