Free Online Certifications to Boost Your Resume


Even if you’re fairly happy with your current job, it never hurts to think about your options. Whether you’d like a better salary, or to work in a different geographic location, or even if you’re interested in switching fields, you’re not alone as about 70% of workers admit they’re in the market for a new job. While you certainly want to think about logistics and what you need from a new position during your job search, like pay and benefits, you need to worry about making yourself an attractive job candidate as well. We all know that means it’s time to break out your old resume and give it a makeover.

There’s a lot of excellent advice out there for how to make your resume sing. One of the best things you can do to actually increase your marketability is to add new skills to your resume. Sometimes they’re skills you already have, but getting a certification to prove that you have them makes it much easier for a prospective employer to put your resume in the “yes” pile. We’ve compiled a list of free certifications you can complete online to boost your resume.

Google Analytics

Google is very committed to educating its users about its products and platforms. It’s a win-win for them as it gets more people using their services and helps their users troubleshoot their own problems. You can get certified in several different aspects of Google Analytics from Beginner to Power User and Google Analytics 360. While this may seem like something only a marketing manager would need to do, the way Google Analytics is integrated into reporting and organization of user data means this is an excellent certification for anyone to get and one that will appeal to many employers.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers distance learning courses free to qualifying members of the general public in a large number of subjects. Courses range across many different aspects of emergency management and preparedness. If you are looking for jobs with government agencies or contractors, FEMA could offer courses that would be a very valuable addition to your resume.

Oracle – SQL

If you’re looking for more coding and backend certifications to raise your profile with prospective human resources departments, look no further than Oracle’s Databases for Developers: Foundations to learn SQL. Once you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate to verify that you know your Oracle Database and SQL stuff!

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a great tool for anyone in marketing, advertising, accounts, or corporate management. It makes sense that locking down certification in this valuable and widely used Google advertising tool would make your resume shine with many employers. Even if you haven’t had hands-on experience with Google Ads or Google Ad Manager, the certification alone would probably give you the familiarity to get your foot in the door with jobs where the skill is required. Best of all, it’s free!