Scorpio Horoscope

Mar 02, 2024… You’re likely to have a significant purchase on your mind today. Giving in to spontaneous, impulsive desires, though, may not be the best path to follow, Scorpio. If temptation does appear, remember that today’s vibe will be better served by researching your potential purchase. While vacay vibes might be on your mind, do your due diligence and make good-for-you choices considering all the factors. The best choice today will be obvious to you after you’ve taken your time to let the information gel and your instinct to kick in.

Today’s Inspiration: Shed your old skin. The old one has served you well, but it may also have begun to weigh you down. A new you has formed beneath its surface, and it’s waiting to break through. Discard what you’ve outgrown. Liberate yourself of what you no longer need. Redefine your world. It’s time to be you.