Mistakes to Avoid When Doing a Home Renovation

Time frame underestimating

Renovations take time. The tv shows that show a renovation in a short time frame are unrealistic. Renovations take time planning, creating, purchasing, and finishing. Many times there are steps that have to be accomplished that take time as well. Make sure to block out and overestimate the time it will take for your renovations.

Not planning for how your family will operate during the renovation.

Plan, plan, plan. You must plan your renovation. Then plan how your family will live day to day with the renovation. If it’s a bedroom, then where will that person reside during the renovation. If it’s a kitchen where will you cook or eat? If it’s a bathroom do you have another bathroom that can manage your family’s needs? You have to also plan for noise, smells, people in your home, and a disruption of your life. Talk it over with your family, so everyone is on the same page.


You will typically go over budget in a project. Plan for this and earmark a certain amount of money for the project. If you don’t use it, then great!

Making something too personalized

A renovation is a great idea, but you can’t decide to change a room into something that only you or a few people would enjoy. If you plan to sell your home one day, that will be a talking point. Make sure you are renovating your home to the benefit of others as well.

Awkward color schemes

Along with odd designs can be color schemes. You may be able to repaint the walls, but if you renovate your kitchen and put in odd colored cabinets, that again may be an issue down the road if you plan to sell it. If the counter tops aren’t more neutral, that can also be an issue. You want to make sure you are designing and coloring your renovation to please more than just yourself.

Not properly permitting

Renovations have to go through permitting many times. Down the road, if you sell your home and you didn’t get a permit for the extra bathroom or bedroom, there could be issues with selling. You will also get permits to make sure your renovation is up to building codes and safety.

Doing it with high-interest loans

Do not do a renovation when you can’t afford it. If you have loans that you haven’t paid off or loans with high interest, just wait until you have a handle on your finances. Many times you can finance your renovation but you won’t be allowed to do this if you have lots of outstanding debt.

Not communicating with your spouse on what is needed

Spousal disputes over renovation are inevitable. Even if it’s paint color, there will be things you won’t agree on. Make sure to write down a plan and stick to it. Both parties should agree on the renovation and what you are accomplishing in the long run for your family.

Doing it yourself

Maybe you are incredibly handy or you have done other projects before. However, most people aren’t as handy as they expect. It looks easy with the online video, but going at your home renovation and attempting it yourself may end up to be overwhelming and unfinished. Know what you are getting into before trying to do it yourself.

Not making sure the parts and pieces are available before you get started

You get started on your bathroom but find out the glass isn’t available, or the tile is backordered. Don’t get started until all of your parts are at your home and ready to be put in. You don’t want to live through a house that is torn apart and waiting on pieces.

Doing it in the wrong season

Your family life may change from season to season. Think over when you plan to renovate and what it’s like for your family. Maybe you are never home in the summer, and that’s a great time. Or winter is great because you aren’t having visitors all of the time. Pick the time period that is best for you.

Finding a good contractor

Research, get referrals and be very prepared with who you use for a contractor. You will want them insured but also you will want one that stays with the job and doesn’t leave halfway through the project.