6 Money Making Apps You’ve Never Tried


Looking for a very part-time gig to earn more cash? If the standard side gig apps like Uber, Grubhub, or TaskRabbit won’t work for you, we’ve compiled a list of a few other apps you can try to earn some extra money in your spare time.

1 – Foap

Foap is an app where you can sell your photos. So if you’re the type of photographer who has a stockpile of stock photos, this app might be worth a look as a way for you to earn some extra dough. You also have the option to accept commissions for specific photo requests or to enter contests seeking specific content. If you’re a better-than-average phone photographer, this app might be just the ticket for you!

2 – Presto Insta-Shops

This is one of the gold standard apps for mystery shopping. You simply accept your mystery shopping assignment, complete it, then fill out a survey at the end and submit it through the app. then you get paid! Each job is a little different with different requirements and different payouts, so there’s always something new to try to earn your extra spending money.

3 – Offer Up

One way to make some cash is to sell things. Your things! Offer Up is a great app to turn your old junk into fresh new cash. You just take pictures of what you want to sell, write a brief description, post it, and wait for offers to pour in. Obviously, if you’re super smart you could get into the business of buying low and selling high on these apps—but that sounds a little riskier than just recycling your stuff for fast cash!

4 – Gigwalk

With Gigwalk you get paid to complete tasks. Payouts vary by the job, and you have to apply for every separate job and wait for approval. Supposedly, better-paying jobs are available once you establish yourself as a reliable Gigwalker.

5 – Coyle

Who says work can’t be fun? Coyle works like mystery shopping but for the hospitality business. That means you get paid to eat at great restaurants or try out customer service at spas or hotels. If you’ve been searching for something interesting to do with your free time that also pays, this is definitely an app for you to check out!

6 – Swagbucks

You might have heard that you can get paid to take surveys, well Swagbucks may be one of the apps people are talking about. The setup is fairly simple. You take polls or surveys and get rewarded with gift cards. While not all surveys are available for everyone, you may find yourself in a desired demographic with lots of paid survey options available to you.