You’re Probably Spending Too Much on Car Insurance – Ways to Lower Your Rates

Car Insurance Monthly Savings

According to a survey done by, 62% of people paying for car insurance rarely shop for better rates. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to.

There are many things to factor in when you’re looking to lower your car insurance payments. Check out these ideas to help you get the ball rolling toward tangible savings.

Make Sure You Have the Best Policy For You

Compare prices when you’re on your search. Some companies may offer expansive coverage, which comes at a higher cost. Be strategic about what kind of coverage you want so that you don’t end up paying for a plan that you don’t use. 

Car insurance also relies on state laws and policies, so it may be helpful to check who has the lowest rates in your state. Customization is key to more significant savings. 

Keep the Company Posted

Some lifestyle factors can also contribute to a lower monthly rate. Events such as getting married or moving to a better neighborhood are appealing factors to insurance companies. It shows that you are at a lower risk of getting into accidents that would require higher coverage.

Use a Credit Card Carefully

Your credit score greatly affects how much car insurance companies charge you for their services. Play it smart by always paying off your credit card bill in full when it’s due. Not only will your credit score remain intact, but you’ll be able to save big on your insurance rates. Your wallet will thank you for it in the end.

Check the Safety Ratings of Your Car

The safety rating of your car may lower your quote. Vehicles that perform well on safety testing are much less likely to require more coverage. So, if you are also in the process of looking for a new car, you may want to keep this factor in mind. Auto brands known for safe ingenuity tend to decrease your insurance cost. 

Lower Your Mileage

Since your annual milage rate directly affects your insurance quote, lowering your mileage is a great way to cut your costs. Find opportunities to carpool with friends or coworkers if you regularly commute to a distant location. Cutting back on your recreational driving also helps you to lower your annual mileage. Take more walks, ride your bike, and enjoy more nights in. These practical lifestyle adjustments allow you to be more conscious of how many miles you’re putting on your car. 

Student Discounts

Did you know that getting good grades can save you money every single month? For high school or college students, performing well in school can be a major asset for hefty discounts. Meet with your academic advisor to find out what you need to send your provider so that they have evidence of your grades. A solid track record at school shows that you’re a responsible person, which acts as a green light for insurance companies to give you access to better rates.