This Father of 7 Tells His Secrets To Successfully Parenting A Big Family

big family

Having multiple kids can feel like complete chaos, and no one knows this chaos, quite like the father of 7, Chad Kempel. After having 2 children with his wife, Amy Kempel, they found that they expected quintuplets! A big family comes with a lot of love but can also come with big challenges.

When his wife chose to stay home with the kids, Chad wanted to do everything he could to make each day easier for her. Check out the parenting hacks that this dad came up with to efficiently and effectively care for his parade of kiddos.

Making Room

These parents had to come to terms with the fact that there would be no room for all 7 kids unless they made room. Chad decided to take out most of the furniture in the house to create what he called the “baby room.” This gave them the space they needed to care for their kids without paying for a bigger home that they couldn’t afford. 

Assembly Lines

With five babies, there’s a lot of food, clothes, and diapers that the Kempel family goes through. Chad Kempel brainstormed new ways to create assembly lines for the little ones so that they could get their needs met more efficiently.

He created a place for the baby bottles to hang to feed themselves early on. When changing them into new clothes, he stacked the onesies on top of each other so that each kid could slip into their new outfit with ease. These little hacks made all the difference in meeting the everyday needs of their 5 babies. 

Creative Builds

Big problems require creative solutions, and Chad stepped up to the plate regarding DIY projects to make daily life easier. He created a table with built-in high chairs so that all the kids could be seated in one place. He also built a changing table into their family van so that he or Amy could change the babies on the go. Every time they run into a new problem, the couple brainstorms a new solution.

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