Save Money On Gas With These Car Hacks


Gas is a big financial weight that 90% of Americans have to bear. Averaging at about $250 per month, fuel expenses can add a lot to monthly living expenses. Is there any way to save money on this recurring purchase?

Try these 5 car hacks to help you save money on gas so that you can stretch your dollar to its maximum potential.

  1. Turn On Cruise Control

If you’re on the highway, it’s tempting to fluctuate between high speeds during a long stretch of road. But if you turn on cruise control, you can reduce fuel usage by 20%. On long road trips that last for hundreds of miles, that 20% can make a big difference in your gas cost.

  1. Turn Off Air Conditioning

Keeping your car cool makes a surprising difference in your car’s fuel consumption. The amount of fuel that’s over a set distance can be reduced in efficiency by up to 25% just from using AC. If it’s a nice day outside, try just cracking open a window to keep the temperature down.

  1. Navigate Efficiently

Before starting your drive, be sure to carefully map out how you’re getting to your destination with the minimum amount of mileage. The shorter distance you drive, the less fuel your car will need to get somewhere. And if you have a tendency to space out while driving, keep navigation alerts at a high volume so that you don’t accidentally add more miles to your route.

  1. Keep Your Car Clean

Having a lot of weight in your car is going to require more fuel in order to drive. Before you get on the road, remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle. This includes equipment, suitcases, tool boxes, and that bag of clothes that you keep meaning to drop off at Goodwill.

  1. Pay With Credit Card

Many credit cards have special offers for fuel purchases. If you’d like to receive a percentage of cash back every time you go to the gas station, be sure to sign up for a card that will help you save a bit of extra money.