Leo Horoscope

July 14, 2024… Leo, you could be presented with opportunities to shine. It also presents opportunities to say the wrong things: things that can just fall out of your mouth before you realize you’ve gone too far. You can be going along at full speed, simply on top of your game, and then open your mouth about the wrong thing at the wrong time. You can avoid the need for apology by taking a few seconds to think about the impact of what you are about to say. With that in mind, go forth and own this Sunday like the wonderful, charming, and loving Leo you can be and sparkle brightly.

Today’s Inspiration: The first days of spring paint fresh color over winter’s dormant gray. Birds herald a new morning, and the air is sweet with the pollen of new life. Each day is a new spring to offer you many new beginnings, and may you walk into the warm sunshine and and open like a tulip leaning towards the daylight.