Are Electric Cars Really Worth All The Hype?

electric cars hype

The average person drives 14,263 miles every year, which means countless gallons of fossil fuel emissions enter the atmosphere. To fight against this, inventors have introduced electric cars as a greener alternative to traditional cars. Electric car models get better every year, but are these new cars actually worth all of the hype?

Finding eco-friendly ways to travel is all the rage. Here are a few reasons why electric cars might actually be just as cool as they sound.

Less Carbon Dioxide

People consider electric cars to be eco-friendly because they don’t produce as much carbon dioxide as gas cars. CO2 is extremely harmful to the environment if released in excess into the atmosphere. It contributes to an environmental problem called the greenhouse effect that traps heat and causes global warming.

Electric cars have no tailpipe emissions. Even with the energy it takes to create them, these vehicles will have significantly less CO2 emissions than gasoline cars throughout their lifetime. 

Recycling Batteries

A major problem people have with electric cars is the use of batteries as the vehicle’s main power source. Producing and disposing of these batteries can contribute to toxic waste that harms the environment. Does this discredit EVs (electric vehicles) from being eco-friendly?

Recycling batteries is the solution to getting the most out of these energy sources. When reused, the life span extends, and fewer materials are needed for manufacturing to create new batteries.  

Tax Writeoffs

Did you know that some EVs qualify for a tax credit? You can potentially save up to $7,500 on your annual taxes, depending on the type of car you purchase. The main two factors that determine your credit are your income tax total and the battery size of your vehicle. 

However, this benefit doesn’t last forever. These tax credits are typically a sales incentive for car companies so that they produce more electric cars. After a certain threshold, the credit no longer applies to the buyers. 

Less Maintenance

Forget constantly have to go to the auto repair shop for oil changes and brake pad replacements. Electric vehicles require much less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts.

This is because there are fewer fluids and more efficient ways the car uses its energy. This advanced technology helps you get more use out of your vehicle without all the hassle of frequent milestone repairs. 

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