6 Home Decor Items That Help You Relax


At the end of a long day, all you can think about is when you’ll get to come home and rest. However, if your home isn’t a relaxing environment, it can be difficult to find the kind of satisfying rest that replenishes your energy.

If you’re wanting to decompress your living space, try any of these six decorations that can help soothe you and promote relaxation in your home.

  1. Salt lamps

Salt lamps are known for their ability to balance electromagnetic frequencies and purify the air. They also produce a soft, warm glow that gently lights a room. Having this light source in a room is known for detoxifying the air and aids in preventing overstimulation from white fluorescent lighting.

2. Organizers

Clear spaces indicate a clear mind. In order to keep clean, it’s important to use organizers so that every item you own has a home to return to. Organizers can come in the form of baskets, containers, shelves, drawers, and cabinets. There are countless options to match your desired aesthetic and create sustainable systems of organization.

3. Essential Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy is a great way to promote peaceful rest in your home. Distinct smells deepen associations with calming environments and help to induce tranquility. Scents such as eucalyptus and lavender are renowned for their effectiveness in causing relaxation.  

4. House plants

Humans have a natural inclination toward responding positively to plantlife. Greenery helps to liven up indoor spaces, and require a mind-settling routine of watering and light maintenance. Some plants also have additional uses for relaxation and self-care, such as mint or jasmine.

5. Throw blankets

Throw blankets can make a room feel instantly cozier. By scattering various throw blankets throughout a living space, you can ensure that you’ll have several spots to plop down and get comfortable when you’re feeling out of it. These blankets act as signals that let you know that it’s okay to decompress.

6. Floor pillows

When furniture is formal and perfectly kept, it can unintentionally create a sort of tension upon entering the room. You don’t feel like you can sit down and get comfortable, which can compound onto pre-existing stress. However, floor pillows provide a casual, cozy flair to a room that makes it feel much homier.