5 Tips For Winter Car Care


During the winter months, car ownership can have several challenges.  Icy roads, freezing temperatures and heavy snow can take its toll on vehicles. There are a few things to key in on to make sure that your car stays in great condition all winter.

  1. Battery.  When the weather gets colder, batteries fail more often than in the summer months.  A battery that is weak in the summer can just go dead during the winter cold.  You should have a volt test done on your battery before the winter season to make sure its in good working condition.  Its a terrible thing to get stranded somewhere cold with a vehicle that won’t start.
  2. Antifreeze Coolant:  Check your coolant level and make sure that you have enough antifreeze to water ratio.
  3. Gas and Windshield Washer Fluid-  keep full at all times during the winter season.
  4. Tires. Anywhere where the temperature drops below 40 degrees, you should be running winter tires.  They are more flexible in low temperaturs and can provide better traction in snow and ice.
  5. Survival Kit.  In case you ever get stranded, especially in rural areas, this will possible save your life.  Blankets, first-aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, shovel, and cell phone chargers are great items to keep stocked in your car in case of emergency.