3 Ways to Save More On Home Decor


If your social media feed is full of picture-perfect homes with picture-perfect decor, it can be hard to remain content with the state of your own home. Despite how many Pinterest boards you create and how many aesthetic posts you save, getting the decorations you want is way out of your price range. 

Is there a way to have a gorgeous, well-designed home without paying ridiculous prices? Here are 3 ways you can save more on home decor so that you don’t miss out on the latest trends. 

1. Ask Around

You never know what kinds of cool pieces friends and family might have deep down in storage unless you ask. If you’re dedicated to redecorating your space, make it known to the people around you. Let them know that you’re on the hunt for a new tv or a dining room table. 

You can offer to look through items they’re trying to get rid of and buy them off of them. However, if you’re asking people you’re close to, they will usually be willing to give you their old decor or furniture for free. 

2. Refurbish Furniture

If you have some crafty skills, refurbishing furniture might be your best bet for quality pieces customized to your design aesthetic. A little bit of paint or a new wood stain can do wonders for any desk or vanity, and it doesn’t take much experience to get started.

Refurbishing old pieces to give them new life will take a little bit of guidance and help. Find a YouTuber that matches your taste and watch their videos for practical inspiration. Channels like Lone Fox and Glue Guns & Roses give you tips and tricks to find great deals on DIY decor and give your home an optimum layout. 

3. Discounted Thrifting

Most thrift stores have a day that they put everything on sale to clear out old inventory and make room for new donations. For example, Savers offers member-only perks and daily discounts based on price tag colors. Some stores like Goodwill even provide weekly student discounts, veteran discounts, and monthly coupons.

Research the thrift stores in your area and what deals they might offer. The items you find at these stores are great for inexpensive home projects. You might find frames for just a few dollars or a dresser for just $20. The most crucial thing about finding the best deals possible is to go thrifting regularly to avoid missing out on these items when they come in.